Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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''The Screaming Blue Messiahs'' were a band formed in 1983 in London by Bill Carter (vocals and guitar), Chris Thompson (bass and vocals) and Kenny Harris (drums). Featuring a high-octane sound sometimes described as "rockabilly from hell" and an almost unhealthy obsession with Americana they initially released the mini-album ''Good and Gone'' before signing to. Three full-length albums followed, with the second, ''Bikini Red'', providing their only top ten hit in the form of ''I Wanna Be a Flintstone'' (later included on the soundtrack to the live-action Flintstones movie). Despite the support of David Bowie they were dropped by their label after the third album and split shortly afterwards.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Formed in London during the late '80s, Renegade Soundwave applied the punk and industrial ethic to both dub and dancefloor electronica, in good company with fellow sound terrorists throughout the decade, from Cabaret Voltaire to Skinny Puppy and Meat Beat Manifesto. The trio of Gary Asquith, Danny Briottet and Carl Bonnie debuted on Rhythm King with the 1987 single "Kray Twins," and moved to Mute one year later for an EP, Biting My Nails. Though Renegade Soundwave spent two years recording material for an album, the release of Soundclash and In Dub within six months vindicated them somewhat. The group's only hit, "Probably a Robbery" (from Soundclash), made the British Top 40 early in 1990, but Bonnie left later that year, after releasing the single "Renegade Soundwave", for a solo career. Asquith and Briottet spent several years in isolation before emerging in 1994 with the "Renegade Soundwave" single and the album How You Doin? After playing their first live date in history during late 1994, the duo released Brixton and The Next Chapter of Dub the following year. The compilation RSW 87-95 emerged in 1996 on 2 cd's.
I only have one cd which you can find here.

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The Killing Joke, Six by Seven and Danzig files are no longer available on Sendspace so I'll have to try it on an onther fileserver. Killing Joke is available (as long as it will last) on Badongo.
I am a bit busy lately so a lack of posts will occur.
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Murder Inc. was a short-lived industrial metal supergroup formed in 1991, featuring members of Killing Joke and vocalist Chris Connelly. Murder, Inc. consisted of Connelly; current Killing Joke members Geordie Walker, Paul Raven, and Martin Atkins; former Killing Joke drummer "Big Paul" Ferguson; and Killing Joke live keyboardist John Bechdel. Unsurprisingly, Murder, Inc.'s musical style is quite similar to contemporaneous Killing Joke.

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Monday, March 05, 2007


First there was The Sid Presley Experience.
This band lasted from late 1983 through early 1985 and they released a few singles.

After the breakup and a couple of fights concerning the band's name,
they changed the name to the Godfathers.
The lineup was: Peter Coyne on vocals, Chris Coyne on bass,
Kris Dollimore (lead) and Mike Gibson on guitar, and George Mazur on drums.

1985 saw the Godfathers release of a number of singles on their own independent
Corporate Image label ( This Damn Nation and I Want Everything).
The songs on these singles were compiled on 1986's Hit by Hit,
put out by Link Records.
A cover of John Lennon's 'Cold Turkey' is often called the gem of the collection.

This is great Garage Rock and very hard to find!

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The latest Anekdoten output "Gravity" seems to break new ground
for the band.
Four years after "From Within" we get to know that
Anna Sofi Dahlberg leaves her Cello at home, but the most
obvious change refers to the style of their music wich is going away
from the so called Retroprog to alternative-rock with progressive
But that's just a slight development, Anekdoten still makes
good prog and "Gravity" is just noticeable more accessible
than former albums.

Some songs seem to show a new direction refering to the bands
general style.

Killing Joke are an influential English post-punk
rock band formed in 1979.
Founding members Jaz Coleman (vocal, keyboards, synthesizers,
and orchestration, arrangements)
and Geordie Walker (guitars) have been
the only constant members.
Regarded as one of the most significant bands
to have emerged from the post-punk/New Wave era of the late-1970s/early-1980s, Killing Joke strongly influenced bands
such as Nirvana, Metallica, Ministry, Prong, Jane's Addiction,
Soundgarden, all of whom have at some point cited a substantial
debt of gratitude to 'The Joke'.
Original drummer Paul Ferguson once described their music as
"the sound of the earth vomiting".
Killing Joke's music typically consists of hypnotic, metallic guitars
and heavy, tribal, and danceable rhythms.
Coleman's vocals are sometimes in a talk-sing style, sometimes a malevolent-sounding growl and sometimes emotional and melodic.
Dark, ominous synthesizer loops and even sweeping, gothic keyboards
(especially in the late 80s) also appear to varying degrees,
but usually only as background texture.
Geordie's guitar is usually well to the fore.
Although he never plays solos, he has been praised for his
unique style by the likes of Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page.
Their albums have evolved stylistically from one release to the next,
whilst always retaining the band's distinctive flavour.
From post-punk and dub reggae beginnings (late 70s) they developed
a unique tribal, proto- industrial metal (early 80s),
gradually added more hooks and keyboards,
got increasingly "progressive" (late 80s),
then dumped that to embrace 90s dance elements,
and more recently a sort of tribal metalcore with many dance
and industrial elements still in tow.
According to Coleman, their manifesto was to
"define the exquisite beauty of the atomic age in terms of style,
sound and form".
They toured extensively throughout UK during this time, and both fans
of post punk and heavy metal took interest in Killing Joke.
Killing Joke became notorious largely due to the controversies
that arose from their imagery.
The images that appeared on their records and on-stage
while performing live were, typically, bizarre and potentially shocking
and inflammatory.
Killing Joke were far from being the industry darlings of the era,
regardless of their actual output.

These New York City-based musicians formed in early 2003
and quickly earned a reputation of being
one of the rhythm sections around.
Dub Trio brings dub to life. 
Usually, it is during long mixing sessions
that truly transform music into a dub/version,
but Dub Trio are unique in that they create
their original dub sound in real-time on stage!
With their massive sound, the drums and bass
lay down a thick bed of wicked riddims in a variety of
reggae styles while radically altering the music
with extreme fades, reverbs, filters and echoes.
New Heavy, is an experiment in splicing dub
with post-hardcore metal and punk.

The dubs are credible and sufficiently deep,
and the tracks on which they aren't interrupted
with gnarly riffage are the best.