Friday, March 02, 2007


These New York City-based musicians formed in early 2003
and quickly earned a reputation of being
one of the rhythm sections around.
Dub Trio brings dub to life. 
Usually, it is during long mixing sessions
that truly transform music into a dub/version,
but Dub Trio are unique in that they create
their original dub sound in real-time on stage!
With their massive sound, the drums and bass
lay down a thick bed of wicked riddims in a variety of
reggae styles while radically altering the music
with extreme fades, reverbs, filters and echoes.
New Heavy, is an experiment in splicing dub
with post-hardcore metal and punk.

The dubs are credible and sufficiently deep,
and the tracks on which they aren't interrupted
with gnarly riffage are the best.


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