Monday, March 05, 2007


First there was The Sid Presley Experience.
This band lasted from late 1983 through early 1985 and they released a few singles.

After the breakup and a couple of fights concerning the band's name,
they changed the name to the Godfathers.
The lineup was: Peter Coyne on vocals, Chris Coyne on bass,
Kris Dollimore (lead) and Mike Gibson on guitar, and George Mazur on drums.

1985 saw the Godfathers release of a number of singles on their own independent
Corporate Image label ( This Damn Nation and I Want Everything).
The songs on these singles were compiled on 1986's Hit by Hit,
put out by Link Records.
A cover of John Lennon's 'Cold Turkey' is often called the gem of the collection.

This is great Garage Rock and very hard to find!


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